Yuk Tan Korean BBQ Review: Authentic K-BBQ at Lorong Chuan’s New Tech Park

Yuk Tan Korean BBQ Review: Authentic K-BBQ at Lorong Chuan’s New Tech Park

About Yuk Tan Chobeolgu-I Korean BBQ

The Korean food scene in the North-East is certainly heating up with the addition of Yuk Tan Korean BBQ which opened its doors in 2021. Yuk Tan is located in the refreshed New Tech Park, an office complex just a stone’s throw from Lorong Chuan MRT. The restaurant was packed on a Sunday night, so obviously we were not the only ones who have discovered this gem.

Yuk Tan Chobeolgu-i Korean BBQ

Yuk Tan’s interior is spacious and spread out, with plenty of tables equipped with signature black hotplates. Despite not having any smoke vents, the restaurant was not smoky at all because of their special method of pre-grilling meat before bringing it out for a final char. This style of grilling is similar that used at sister-store Pa Bul Luo in Serangoon Gardens.

Yuk Tan Chobeolgu-i Korean BBQ

Appetisers: Must-Try Dumplings & Fluffy Steamed Eggs

Let’s get down to the food though. The first thing out is banchan, which I found pretty average overall. That’s perhaps just me because I’m pretty biased against bean sprouts. The kimchi and mashed potato were decent though.

Yuk Tan Korean BBQ Side Dishes

For other appetisers, something we can never miss out on is Korean Steam Egg ($8). It’s such a simple yet comforting dish when done well. Yuk Tan’s steamed eggs have a silky and moist texture and go perfectly with rice and soup. Would definitely recommend this.

Yuk Tan Korean BBQ Steamed Egg

Something you don’t see often in Singapore (but are super common in Korea) are steamed dumplings. Yuk Tan has a version they call Steamed King Dumplings ($15) which are not the cheapest but are more than worth it for the huge portion size and 10/10 authenticity. These dumplings are wonderfully juicy when you bite into them and certainly give xiao long bao a run for their money.

Yuk Tan Korean BBQ Dumplings

Mains: Fantastic Thick Cut BBQ

For BBQ, we ordered the Pork Platter B ($80) which comes with 600 grams of 4 different cuts of pork (pork collar, pork belly, pork short rib and marinated pork belly). It is quite sizeable and okay for about 3 to 4 people to share with other dishes. Also the great thing for lazy people like us is that one of Yuk Tan’s staff helps with all the grilling and cutting which we appreciated!

Yuk Tan Korean BBQ

Overall, the cuts of meat are really top-notch and thick. With the Chobeolgu-I pre-grilling style, the final cooking time was also quite short and you get to finish the charring up to your preferred level of chao-tah. Just look at that perfectly grilled pork belly! We really enjoyed this.

Yuk Tan Korean BBQ

Mains: Savoury Kimchi Soup and Kalguksu

Of course, a proper Korean meal is never complete without a few signature soupy dishes. We ordered the obligatory Kimchi Soup ($15) which was rich and flavourful. Yuk Tan uses fattier cuts of pork in this and adds some thinly sliced sausages as well which we liked.

Yuk Tan Korean BBQ Kimchi Soup

Another special dish that you should definitely try is the Spicy Clams Kalguksu ($18). This is the first time I have tried kalguksu (knife-cut noodles) in Singapore and it was really, really good. The star is undoubtedly the rich broth that is thoroughly flavoured by the generous amount of clams given. The noodles are also springy and really well done. I would come back just for this.

Yuk Tan Korean BBQ Spicy Clam Kalguksu

The Verdict

No doubt Yuk Tan is a bit out of the way for many but it is definitely worth a visit. There are so many things that we enjoyed about this place; the dumplings, the top-notch BBQ and the kalguksu in particular. It has quickly become one of our regular haunts and I look forward to going back!
Spent: ~$40 per person

Yuk Tan Chobeolgu-i Korean BBQ
Address: 151 Lor Chuan, #01-02, #01-03 New Tech Park, Singapore 556741
Opening Hours: 11:30am–3pm, 5:30–10pm daily (closed on Mondays)
Website: Link here