TONITO Review: Latin American Cuisine With A View At JEWEL Changi Airport

TONITO Review: Latin American Cuisine With A View At JEWEL Changi Airport

About TONITO Latin American Kitchen @ Jewel

TONITO serves up Latin American food which includes everything from tacos, quesadillas, burritos, stews, paella, grilled meat and more. It has been on our must-try list for a while now because of their tantalising 5-Course Burpple Set Meal.

We finally had a chance to go to Jewel Changi Airport on a weekend and headed straight for TONITO, located on the second floor. Their bright orange sign and packed interior is unmissable.

Tonito Latin American Kitchen Jewel

We had made reservations to sit nearer to the ‘outdoor’ patio space that has a better view of the famous Rain Vortex. It is a great way to enjoy the scenery without having to deal with the crowds on the ground floor or pay much higher prices at the top floor restaurants. You should try to book ahead to secure these seats as they are quite limited and popular.

Tonito Latin American Kitchen Jewel

TONITO Five-Course Burpple Beyond Set

We had gone down to try the 5-course set meal deal available through Burpple Beyond. This deal is priced at $68++ for a 2-pax meal and includes salad, an appetiser, tacos, a rice dish and dessert. For drinks, we also added on $18++ for 2 cocktails which was practically 2-for-1 at that price. All in all, this worked out to about $50 per person after GST and service charge which is quite reasonable.

Note that set meal was not a full dish for 2 people (i.e. 5 dishes for each person) but instead 5 regular dishes for sharing. Hence, this price of $68++ had only a small discount versus the regular price a-la-carte which would have been $88++.

Tonito Burpple Set Menu

First Course: Refreshing Quinoa Salad

First up was the Quinoa Salad (Ensalada de Quinoa, regular price $16++). The combination of pomegranate, quinoa, savoury cotija cheese and honey was very refreshing. On the regular menu, you can choose to top up and add in a type of meat (chicken, beef, pork, fish) but this option was not available for the set menu.

Tonito Ensalada de Quinoa

Second Course: Crispy Marinated Buffalo Wings

The appetiser course was crispy Buffalo Wings (Ala De Bufalo, regular price $16++). These are thoroughly coated with delicious buffalo sauce which is just a tiny bit spicy and should be fine for most folks. Those who are spice lovers can polish off the jalapeno that comes with it for an extra kick. I particularly enjoyed the crispy skin which retained the crunch even with all the sauce piled on.

Tonito Ala de Bufalo

Third Course: Fish Tacos with Tartar Sauce

Next up were Fish Tacos (regular price $18++) which consisted of a flour tortilla and fried fish strips topped with refreshing pineapple salsa. The fish was done quite well as it was crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. The entire combination worked great together, was super yummy and did not feel greasy at all. Fish tacos may just be my new favourite type of taco!

Tonito Fish Tacos

Fourth Course: Squid Ink Rice with Softshell Crab

The fourth course was our absolute favourite, squid ink rice with various seafood toppings (Arroz con Cangrejo, $26++ regular price). The rice itself was a scene-stealer as it was so packed with flavour and also perfectly seasoned. It was separated neatly into two mini portions which was for the best or else we would have competed for the delicious fried softshell crab and squid. This is definitely a must-try, unique dish that I would come back for.

Unfortunately, we dove right into the fifth course (Chocolate Tres Leches, $12++ regular price) without taking a picture. It was really authentic and addictively sweet which was a perfect way to end the meal. It might get too gelat (dense) for some though, so this is a great dish to share between two people.

Tonito Arroz Con Cangrejo

Unique Latin American Themed Cocktails

We topped up for two cocktails and there are usually two that you can choose from within the Burpple set deal. TONITO’s actual selection is much wider though, with about seven choices or so.

The first one we got is the Cuba Libre (regular price $16++), a fixture on the regular menu made with dark rum, fresh lime and coke. This cocktail is on the stronger side and great for those who want something a bit more grown up.

Tonito Cuba Libre Cocktail

The second was the Colombia, although I might be wrong as I believe the cocktails on the Burpple menu may change from time to time. This was a light, refreshing concoction with orange juice and tequila that was more to my taste and feels like a nice sip-while-on-the-beach drink.

Tonito Ala de Bufalo

The Verdict

Overall, we loved the experience here as it really ticked all the boxes. This place should definitely be on your list if you are trying to wow a date as the view and the ambience is so unique. Besides the setting, the food and drinks we got in the set were all excellent and TONITO has an extensive menu we still have yet to fully explore. This was a great find and I would be more than okay to pay full price here for the quality and lovely setting!
Spent: $50 per person
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TONITO Latin American Kitchen @ Jewel
78 Airport Blvd., #02 – 248, Singapore 819666
Opening Hours: 11.30am to 10.30pm every day