Teppan Kappou Kenji Review: Top-notch Teppanyaki Experience in Tanjong Pagar

Teppan Kappou Kenji Review: Top-notch Teppanyaki Experience in Tanjong Pagar

About Teppan Kappou Kenji

We had a particular craving for teppanyaki and decided to try Teppan Kappou Kenji over the weekend. Situated along the famous Japanese food stretch in Tanjong Pagar, it has an unassuming shopfront that stays true to those you might see in Japan.

There is some counter seating available for you to get a better view of the chef’s work and I would highly recommend you try to book it in advance. For bigger groups, regular table seating is an option.

Teppan Kappou Kenji

The cutlery and sauce plates are laid out beautifully and each person gets a nice hot towel to refresh themselves before food is served. However, it was a bit odd that they would go with disposable chopsticks, but perhaps that was an off day.

Teppan Kappou Kenji setup

Irresistible Sashimi Platter

As Teppan Kappou Kenji is all about a multi-course, gourmet experience, each course is brought out in order, with appetisers/cold dishes served first, followed by meat, then rice.

To start, we got the Sashimi Mori ($68). This comes with about 7 different types of sashimi and a dollop of ikura. We almost couldn’t bring ourselves to mess up the arrangement as it was so beautifully plated. As for quality, every piece was fresh, firm and delicious. Overall, the tuna was my favourite but every type of sashimi was great. This dish was finished in no time.

Teppan Kappou Kenji Sashimi Platter

For other appetisers, we decided to try the salted Japanese Fruit Tomato ($10) just for fun. I’m not quite sure what we were expecting really as it didn’t taste very different from a regular tomato and upon reflection, may not have been worth $10.

Teppan Kappou Kenji Japanese Fruit Tomato

Melt-in-Your-Mouth Wagyu Cube Steak

As we get into the mains, the star of the meat courses was definitely the Wagyu Cube Steak ($30). This was perfectly seasoned and charred just nice, locking in every bit of juiciness and umami. It comes piled high with bits of fried garlic and bonito flakes. Every bite of this is bliss.

Teppan Kappou Kenji Wagyu Cube Steak

Following that, we really enjoyed was the Iberico Pork Loin ($28). The pork has just enough fat to be juicy without being overpowering. It is also grilled really well such that it is not tough at all and each piece is nicely charred.

Teppan Kappou Kenji Iberico Pork Loin

Finally, the only meat dish we felt missed the mark was the Chicken Oroshi ($12) which is chicken with daikon radish sauce. This pairing of chicken and somewhat watery sauce made the chicken soggy and didn’t bring out the smokey, teppanyaki taste well.

Teppan Kappou Kenji Chicken

Highly Recommended: Tuna Pepper Steak & Garlic Butter Salmon

Fish teppanyaki at most other casual joints is usually just a sad, steamed thing. At Teppan Kappou Kenji, it is a delicious experience that should not be missed!

First off is the The Tuna Pepper Steak ($15). This consists of an entire fatty piece of tuna lightly grilled all around while leaving the midsection raw and tender. This gives you an addictive mouthful of peppery umami crust contrasting a creamy interior with each bite.

Teppan Kappou Kenji Tuna Pepper Steak

Secondly, the other winning fish dish was the Garlic Butter Salmon ($15). This version gets the done-ness exactly right, resulting in every fillet being flaky yet moist with the garlic butter flavour coming through very strongly. It is also topped with a perfect piece is crunchy salmon skin which is always a treat.

Teppan Kappou Kenji Grilled Salmon

Decent Garlic Fried Rice

Lastly, we ended off the meal with a various fried rice dishes, including the Seafood Garlic Rice ($15), Beef Garlic Rice ($18) and Chicken Garlic Rice ($15). All the fried rice is quite good as they come in large portion sizes and are chock-full of ingredients. The beef rice in particular was quite enjoyable with a many chunks juicy beef cubes.

Teppan Kappou Kenji Garlic Rice

The Verdict

If you are looking for some great quality teppanyaki and a very well paced, relaxed dining experience, then Teppan Kappou Kenji is for you. While teppanyaki in Singapore is typically thought to be a casual, hurried affair, Teppan really shows that it can make for great formal dining as well. The food tastes great, the presentation is immaculate and the ambience is quiet and soothing as well. Would recommend it for anything from a lovely date to a formal business appointment.
Spent: ~$55 per person (see full menu here)
Rach Recommends: Looking for dessert? Try COTTA across the road!

Teppan Kappou Kenji
: 99 Tg Pagar Rd, #01-01, Singapore 088520
Opening Hours: 11:30am–2:30pm, 6–10pm (Closed on Mondays)