Seeds Eatery Review: Must-Try Thai Crispy Pork & Oysters in Ubud

Seeds Eatery Review: Must-Try Thai Crispy Pork & Oysters in Ubud

Seeds Eatery in Ubud is a cosy Thai food place located just a 10 minute walk away from the Sacred Monkey Forest. It is definitely a popular choice, with lines forming during both lunch and dinner. If you want to be certain of getting a seat fast, do come at the non-peak hours or make a reservation a few days before!

Refreshing Drinks

We couldn’t resist getting an ice-cold, frothy Thai Milk Tea (30K IDR) to start. This was refreshing but not as sweet as I’m used to! Might have to specify for them to put in more condensed milk next time.

Starters: Oysters, Rice Rolls & Vermicelli Salad!

Next up was a decadent starter of four Fresh Oysters (80K IDR). We opted for the Thai dressing which was a delicate blend of spicy, tanging and savoury from addictive fried shallots.

The oysters were of great quality and size for the price paid and we felt it was great value. The sauce was also nicely done, accentuating the ocean-saltiness of the oysters well. Points for the fancy dried ice too!

We also tried the photogenic Rice Paper Rolls (48K IDR) as a starter. I felt that this dish is more like a salad than anything else. More prawn could have been added as its a bit overwhelmed by the amount of veggies in the roll. The sesame sauce is delicious though.

The last of the appetisers was the Spicy Grilled Chicken Vermicelli Salad (65K IDR). I particularly enjoyed this because of spice level (just look at all that birds-eye chili) and the generous portion of chicken. The vermicelli also soaks up the savoury fish-sauce based marinade well. Yum.

Main Courses: Must-Try Deep Fried Pork

All that said, the dish we enjoyed the most was the Deep Fried Pork. I couldn’t find the exact name or price of this, but I remember that the pricing was reasonable as well given the portion and quality.

Each piece of pork is covered with caramelised fried garlic, some kind of savoury sauce and deep-fried to perfection. A piece of yummy crackling is also served on the side. This is a must-try when you come here!

The final dish we tried was the Pad Thai (60K IDR). This was pretty on-point taste-wise and really hit the spot. The amount of prawns given was really generous and the fried wonton skin & egg blanket was a nice touch.

The Verdict

If you are looking for affordable and comforting Thai food, Seeds Eatery is an absolute gem that you should put on your list. It is totally worth the hype! The pricing is very reasonable, considering the convenient location, generous portion sizes and quality of seafood. Loved it and would definitely come back if we are ever in Ubud again.

Seeds Eatery
Address: Jl. Raya Pengosekan Ubud No.108, Ubud
Opening Hours: 11am – 8pm every day