Ikura Japanese: Cosy izakaya dining in East Village

Ikura Japanese: Cosy izakaya dining in East Village

With Ikura Japanese outlets across the country (East Village, Thomson, Chinatown), heartlanders can also have delicious izakaya fare without having to travel too far. We’d initially come across this place using the Burpple Beyond promotion earlier this year and loved it so much we just kept coming back.

About Ikura Japanese (East Village)

The menu in each of Ikura’s outlets is slightly different so do a quick check before you go. For example, yakitori is only available at East Village. Promotions are also run on different days ($2 Oyster Thursdays for East Village vs $2 Oyster Mondays for Fook Hai & none for Thomson 🙁 ). As we love yakitori, we chose the East Village outlet for a chill National Day lunch.

Ikura Japanese East Village

Delicious Yakitori

We started off with the Monday Yakitori Platter promo. For just $8.80 (U.P. $13) you can get 6 skewers: unagi, quail egg, chicken meatball, chicken thigh meat, pork-wrapped asparagus, shiitake mushroom. They are served piping hot with a distinct aroma of charcoal.

Yakitori platter Ikura Japanese

The unagi was the real star of the show. We savored every bite of this fatty melt-in-your mouth skewer. At $3.50 a la carte for such a small piece, it is somewhat pricey but very good.

The tsukune (chicken meatball) was succulent and juicy as well, with a nicely formed outer crust from the grilling.

Unagi yakitori Ikura Japanese

Also try the shishimo (smelt) yakitori ($2) – this small fish can be eaten in its entirety, with the crunchy head and tail being the best parts.

Chicken thigh ($2) and enoki butabara ($2.50) were satisfying as well. Bonjiri ($2.50 chicken tail) is probably not for everyone, but I can never resist this rich and fatty treat.

Yakitori Ikura Japanese

Sushi & Donburi: All Things Salmon!

For main courses, we went straight for Ikura’s selection of rice bowls & sushi.

The triple Salmon Zukushi Don ($23.80) was a satisfying medley of lightly torched aburi salmon, salmon sashimi and salmon belly sashimi on a bed of Japanese rice (see first photo).

For salmon sashimi lovers, the Salmon Ikura Don ($19.80) is the way to go. For both selections, the amount of ikura given was generous compared to what you usually get at most restaurants for the same price. Salmon slices were also thick and fresh and you get about 8-9 full slices in each bowl.

Salmon Ikura Don Ikura Japanese East Village

A more budget option would be the Bara Chirashi Don ($15) which is a good mix of everything and still has a decent amount of those precious ikura pearls.

Bara Chirashi Ikura Japanese

As you can never get enough salmon, we finished off the meal with Aburi Salmon Sushi ($17). These were very well done – amazingly rich and creamy but it felt pricey for just 6 pieces.

Besides everything mentioned here, other great items try include: Truffle Edamame ($5), Agedashi Tofu ($5) and Kawaebi Karaage($8).

Salmon mentai Ikura Japanese

The Verdict

Overall, Easties are lucky to have Ikura Japanese right in the neighbourhood. It is a perfect place to chill with a beer, skewers, sashimi and good company.

Definitely will recommend for you to pay a visit while they are still somewhat of a hidden gem. Can’t wait to be back for their $2 Oyster Thursdays!

Ikura Japanese
Tucked at the corner of East Village Mall. They were closing up after the lunch crowd. 🙂

Ikura Japanese (East Village)
Address: 430 Upper Changi Rd, #01-01 East Village, Singapore 487048
Opening Hours:
Weekdays 11.30am – 2.30pm & 5.30pm – 10.30pm
Weekends 11.30am – 10.30pm
They have other outlets at Thomson Plaza & Fook Hai as well.

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