Chu and Co Review: Rustic Café for Brunch, Coffee and Freshly Baked Goodies

Chu and Co Review: Rustic Café for Brunch, Coffee and Freshly Baked Goodies

Charming Shophouse Café near Serangoon Gardens

Chu and Co is a relative newcomer in the already-competitive Serangoon Gardens café scene. Even so, it has quickly shown that it can more than hold its own, with a steady stream of regulars and café hoppers most mornings.

Located on a quaint shophouse stretch on Lichfield Road, it does require some effort to get to via public transport. Parking is also limited to a few roadside lots so do be prepared in case you aim to drop by during the peak morning times. It is worth it though so don’t be discouraged!

The café itself is beautiful, filled with muted pastel tiles and elegant stone countertops. There are also quirky odds and ends like plants, tables and mismatched chairs that add a unique character to the place.

You may also be lucky enough to spot some cute dogs whose owners are stopping by for their caffeine fixes. Chu and Co is pet friendly with largely outdoors seating areas and it is common to see some good boys.

Besides coffee and brunch items, Chu and Co is also meant to launch an adjacent gelato bar (Chulato). Plans are currently on hold and in the meantime you can get pints of homemade ice cream from $16 to $20 for takeaway. There are tempting flavours like Coffee Kahlua and Cereal Milk which we will definitely be trying on our next visit.

Fantastic Coffee

I personally love the coffee here as it tastes fairly strong and complex (even with the milky ones like latte). There is also no burnt or bitter taste at all. Pricing is fairly standard (Latte $6, White Mini $4). It is definitely something I wouldn’t mind splurging on from time to time.

Delicious Brunch Staples

I couldn’t resist trying the Avocado Tartine ($13) as I saw multiple folks having it. I am so glad I did as this may well be the very best, non-over-hyped avocado toast that I have had. Chu and Co are very generous with the freshly-made, perfectly-seasoned avocado. That and the sweet marinated tomatoes, tangy balsamic vinegar and toasted sourdough bread just come together so well.

Baked Goods Fresh From the Oven

Besides that brunch items, you must absolutely try some of Chu and Co’s freshly baked items. It is common to see the staff frequently restocking items from a pan straight out of the oven and you definitely know that you are getting something homemade.

The menu varies somewhat from day to day and it’s nice to always see what’s new each time you visit. One popular mainstay is the Apple Granola Viennosarie ($6, below left). This is a circle of puff pastry filled to the brim with a yummy fruit and nut mixture.

For those wanting something heavier, try the various sweet or savoury scones ($5.50, below right) which are addictively buttery and crumbly.

Chu and Co also has a drool-worthy range of melts with names like Salami Chili Honey ($6), Pulled Mushroom Cauliflower Mozzarella ($5.50) and Spicy Tomato Chutney with Brussel Sprout ($5.50). Each pastry is quite large and chock-full of ingredients. The combinations also vary from day-to-day which keeps it interesting.

Finally, the Black & White Sesame ($5, bottom right) is also one of our favourites. This original creation reminds me of a cinnamon roll, with an additional coating of black sesame dust.

The Verdict

I regularly come back to Chu and Co every few months and would highly recommend it. All the food and drinks here are the real deal and you get the quality you pay for. The overall ambience is also so relaxing and makes you feel like life slows down a little just for a while. It takes some time and effort to get here but it is worth it for sure.

If you are planning to head down, note that seating is limited and there is no air-conditioned area. These days, with orders are mainly limited to takeaway, outdoor seating is mostly minimal. customers do sit on a rustic ledge next to the cafe if they want to have a bite straightaway(with safe distancing of course!).

Spent: $15 – 20 per person (coffee and brunch item or baked items)

Chu and Co
: 15 Lichfield Rd, Singapore 556835
Opening Hours: Wed – Sunday 830am – 4pm

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