Box n Sticks Review: Cosy Izakaya with Sauteed Asari Clams, Mentai Ebi & More!

Box n Sticks Review: Cosy Izakaya with Sauteed Asari Clams, Mentai Ebi & More!

Cozy Izakaya in Kampong Glam

Box n Sticks is a quaint izakaya that serves up a full range of Japanese favourites including donburi, sushi, sashimi, pasta and of course yakitori. Located on a row of bustling shophouses in the Kampong Glam area, it is certainly a hot favourite and filled up very quickly when we visited for Friday dinner.

Box N Sticks

I just love the quaint interior design which features a mix of eclectic Japanese prints and artwork. It gives the place a very homely feel which is perfect for a chill drinks with friends or family.

Box N Sticks

Top 3 MUST-TRY Dishes from Box n Sticks

With Box n Sticks extensive menu, it is no easy feat to narrow down our top choices. However, these were our absolute favourites which somehow turned out to be neither Boxes nor Sticks. I highly recommend you get all or at least some of these!

1. Asari Sake ($10.80)

Our top choice would be the Asari Sake, a dish made up of asari clams sauteed in a heavenly sake-garlic-chili sauce. The clams were fresh, firm and sweet with an addictive kick of savoury-spiciness from the sauce. A word of warning; this dish is only for true garlic lovers as it is packed with steamed garlic and topped with a generous amount of fried garlic as well.

Box N Sticks Asari Sake

2. Chili Crab Age Spider ($12.80)

This dish is Box n Sticks’ delicious twist on fried softshell crab. The crab itself is battered and deep-fried in the wispy, Thai-omelette style and paired with eggy chili crab sauce. Absolutely love this take on a classic dish.

Box n Sticks Chilli Crab Age Spider

3. Ika Geso Karage ($5.80)

Another dish we enjoyed is the fried octopus or Ika Geso Karage. Box n Sticks manages to get this dish just right, with the octopus being firm to the bite but not rubbery. The batter is also tasty and has a texture reminiscent of Old Chang Kee’s fried squid.

Box n Sticks Fried Squid Ika Geso Karaage

Creative Yakitori from Box n Sticks

For yakitori, Box n Sticks has a comprehensive selection of chicken, pork, beef and seafood skewers. There are also many choices of accompanying sauces; think mentai, spicy sauce, garlic mayo, teriyaki and more.

One that you cannot miss the the Tsukune ($4.80, second from the left). This is a skewer of chicken meatballs that come lightly grilled and juicy on the inside, accompanied with a tasty egg yolk & honey teriyaki sauce mix. For a savoury flavour bomb, try the Tori Kawa Ninniku ($2.40, first from the right) which is roasted garlic wrapped in crispy chicken skin. The regular chicken skin (Tori Kawa, $1.80) was also tasty and worth a try.

Box N Sticks Assorted Yakitori

My favourite sauce by far is the spicy sauce as seen on the Tori Spicy ($2.80) chicken skewer below. This sauce is similar to what you might find with barbecued chicken wings or chicken rice.

While the chicken yakitori all hit the spot, the pork ones (Butabara Shioyaki, $3 & Butabara Garlic Mayo, $4.80) were a bit too tough & dry.

Box N Sticks Spicy Chicken Yakitori

We also splurged on a king prawn skewer, the Ebi Mentai Mayo ($6.80). The creamy mentai sauce was worth the cost and the prawn itself was juicy and not overcooked at all.

Box n Sticks Yakitori

Other Honourable Mentions

I can personally get full from just the dishes alone, but those wanting something more substantial can opt for a Chawamushi Rice Set ($5.80). This reasonable top up gets you a very decent chawamushi, rice and miso soup.

Box N Sticks Chawamushi

My personal must-have at any izakaya is the Agedashi Tofu ($5.80). Box n Sticks version of agedashi tofu stands out for the delicate but flavourful broth that is amazing when drizzled over rice or even sipped straight.

Box N Sticks Agedashi Tofu

Last honourable mention goes to the Mushroom Tempura ($3) as it is value-for-money versus typical tempura or mushroom dishes that can cost you an arm and a leg. This comes with a fairly sizeable portion of golden mushrooms fried till crisp and two shiitake mushrooms which at $3 is quite a steal.

Box N Sticks Mushroom Tempura

The Verdict

We will definitely be back to Box n Sticks as the food is great, the pricing is very reasonable and the ambience is quaint and comfortable. If you are headed down, do make a reservation (see their Facebook page for more details) so as not to be disappointed!

Spent: $35 per person (drinks, yakitori, mains)

Box n Sticks
: 28 Kandahar St, Singapore 198889
Opening Hours:
Sun, Mon – Thu 11.45am – 3pm, 6 – 10pm
Fri, Sat 11.45am – 3pm, 6 – 10.30pm